Vasu Dev

Seeker | Facilitator | Mind Mapper | Design Thinker | Team Builder | Author | Intuitive Chef | @ CORE TRAINING CONSULTANCY

As an officer in the Singapore Air Force for six years, an insurance adviser for more than 12, and entrepreneur and founder of three companies, working with numerous SMEs and MNCs, Vasu has amassed more than 30 years of hands-on experience building, leading, and motivating teams.

He founded CORE Training Consultancy Pte Ltd in 2016, after spending more than 12 years as programme developer and lead trainer for various training companies. In 2018, he created TEAMsense™, a coaching tool and framework for leadership and team development to help build strong customer centric organisations.

His experience, as a trainer/facilitator and programme designer over the years, has seen him designing and conducting training using highly-effective experiential learning methodologies together with the TEAMsense™ framework. Vasu recently published his book titled ‘SHOOT THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM”. In it are 15 case studies to help teams transform by resolving the root cause of issues impacting their results.

Vasu works with business leaders, and heads of large organisations and government ministries, primarily in Singapore and Malaysia, to create and deliver leadership workshops. These workshops not only help the organisations stay relevant and competitive, but are also aimed at improving the staff’s personal effectiveness and productivity.

The numerous organisations, for which he has conducted workshops, range from oil and gas, to finance and manufacturing industries, and government institutions.

Vasu has appeared in numerous short films and plays in The Singapore Arts Festival and Singapore Biennale. He has made stage and television appearances in many MediaCorp docudramas and TV series. He is best known for his work on Just For Laughs Gags Asia, which is still being broadcast by various regional TV stations.

Vasu plays the trumpet, the cajón, a box-shaped percussion instrument, and sings. He also loves photography, cooking, doodling and drawing mind-maps. He brings all these experiences to the training room by incorporating music, mime, dance, comedy, drawing, mind-mapping, peppered with wit and humour, in his workshops to engage his participants, and take them on a completely new experience in adult learning. His audiences are never bored and never know what might happen next!

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