Skyler Seah

Chief Profits Officer @ Profits Analytics

Hi there! I’m Skyler Seah.

I’m a Xero Certified partner and Accountant for SMEs, Micro-Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs running their Startups in Rainy Singapore! I have been in this industry for the whole of my working career. While at my job, I attended many networking events and notice a rising trend in youth entrepreneurship and gig economy, brought about by Uber and Foodpanda.

Even students these days, are choosing to start their own business during their poly and Uni days instead of waiting for graduation to climb the traditional corporate ladder. Those in their mid-career, are extremely dissatisfied with their current job and looking for an opportunity to branch out on their own. Most of them realise that there is no such thing as job stability and they could be asked to leave tomorrow for no apparent reason.

As the Nokia CEO, infamously said, “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost !”

This is why I chose to branch out to start my own firm so I can help support this rising entrepreneurship economy!!

[WHAT I AM CURRENTLY WORKING ON] I help aspiring business owners to incorporate their first company and get them familiarise with the necessary compliance required and help them spread the word about my business networks.
For existing business owners, I take care of their company accounting, tax and corporate compliance needs so that they can focus on growing their business with a peace of mind.

[FOR WHOM] If you are thinking of starting a business but unsure of how to do it, PM me here at Linkedin for a free coffee session and I can offer you free consulting and if I cannot help, chances are, I can point you to someone who can.