Justin Zheng Qiang

Funeral Director @ Holyland Casket

Started off my entrepreneurship journey in 2012. Kicked off with a Taekwondo School to chain of schools in 2 years and went international in 2019. Part of the Singapore Enrichment Hub in Indonesia. Assisted in my aunt’s funeral company 2017 and went to expand and heighten the service and hospitality of the funerary industry. Picked up the robes of different religions funeral as well as high end modern set ups, grown the christian and catholic funeral company into serving all religions. Out of curiosity, after my contractor handled all my renovation for offices and outlets, we went into collaboration that i chanced upon as his directors decided to wind up the company.
Assisted in several projects as main con and sub con as well as events management at Singapore Sports Hub Etc. Won 13 entrepreneurship awards ranging from Singapore Excellence Awards to Asia Excellence Awards and Singapore’s Top 100 Fast moving companies. One of Singapore’s Youngest Funeral Director at the age of 22. Journey was tough but fruitful!