Cyrus Yung

SEO Specialist @ ASCELADE

Ascelade aims to transform the internet marketing scene in Singapore, fully committed to driving more exposure and impressions to web estates of local business owners. We use skilled positioning SEO tactics that help your website rise above the competition, drive targeted traffic and increase sales. Get the best of both world through our SEO-friendly website design by combining a professional look and feel with strategic search engine architecture. Are people saying negative things about your business? We will help rid those negative reviews and clean up your name or company image to give you a positive online presence. Mission Statement:

We assist companies to ascend into the digital market through Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, branding and training; ultimately escalating their business in an ever evolving online marketplace. Objectives:

1. Help in creating designs and ideas for websites

2. To improve online marketing presence through skillful positioning using Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing tactics

3. Cultivating strong branding online

4. Create market awareness and sales

5. Helping to cross more borders in the global internet marketing place by promoting the products or services thus creating more business opportunities worldwide.